Motherhood amidst global madness and sadness

Motherhood amidst global madness and sadness

We are living in a time where it’s hard to know what to think, let alone what to say.

The world is a sobering place to be right now, even when you are lucky enough to be safe from the unimaginable atrocities of war or climate-change induced natural disaster.

Even if the most horrific of brutality and loss is not on our doorsteps, we are all facing the knowledge (and news coverage) of what is going on around us, as well as living with the realities of a global pandemic, rife political gaming and soaring domestic violence on home soil.

It is easy to feel hopeless and powerless – and to be in search of how to make sense of things for yourself, how to parent amidst it all, and most of all, how to help the literally millions of others who are living through these traumatic events.

While we can’t provide the answers or fix what is broken in our world, what we wanted to do through this post in our small corner of the internet, was to call out one ray of hope that shines through amongst the pain.

The global mamahood – the invisible thread that unites all women all over the world who share the experience of motherhood.

Despite coming from different countries, cultures and walks of life, from the most privileged to the most disadvantaged – the indescribable, undefinable love for our children is something that connects us all.

It is a thread that is strong and powerful, a spirit that is impossible to break – it weaves to connect women across borders, across oceans, across playgrounds and backyard fences. It is that instinct we all feel to help another mother in need, whether they are a stranger or a friend.

We are hearing and seeing examples of this playing out across the world, reminding us all that where there is a mother’s love, there is power, strength and unity – something that can never be taken by floods or gunfire.

So, we wanted to pull together a small collection of these stories in which mothers are working both alone and together to change the world for other mothers and children in need – stories of help and of hope that might inspire and encourage you to think about small things you can do today – right where you are – to make a difference.

The strollers on the train platform in Poland

Perth Mums and their kids changing lives for Ukrainian refugees

Breastmilk donations to flood victims

Mums are the new hope for climate change

How two mothers, united in loss, hope to bring peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Single mums buying a house together

The Kindness Pandemic

These stories remind us of the impact we can each have. It doesn’t need to be monetary, and it doesn’t even need to reach those in the greatest need – it’s about the ripple effect. It’s about doing what you can, with what you have.

At OMM Label, our focus centres on mothers and their children, so we donate on your behalf to the charity of your choosing with every single sale. Here are three worthy causes that we have been able to support with your purchase power. 


Send Hope Not Flowers aims to help mothers survive childbirth in the developing world. They do this in numerous ways such as funding doctors and midwives to train local health workforces, purchasing obstetric equipment and basic supplies, delivering baby bundles to encourage mothers to access supervised deliveries and helping communities build waiting houses for mothers in labour.

Women’s Community Shelters works with local communities to establish new safe crisis accommodation options for women and children in Australia.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is Australia’s leading national body funding world-class, game-changing breast cancer research. Nine Australians lose their lives every day to breast cancer. Without government funding, your continued support helps to change the statistics.

Together, we can contribute to a global mamahood movement that is fueled by the love for our children, and a desire to make the world a better place for them.

Lauren (@saidnomumever)


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