Behind The Brand

OMM Label is not your average breastfeeding brand and is like nothing else on the market. This is quality ethical clothing for damn cool mums. We like our messaging relatable, and our mothers empowered! 

Motherhood is hard enough, so we're here to make getting dressed the easy part. We want you to feel comfortable to breastfeed wherever, whenever you need and to feel amazing within yourself.

Our modern basics are made by mothers for mothers, and designed to be  your sidekicks through your breastfeeding journey – and beyond!     

OMM Label is the passion child of


"I believe that motherhood and the achievement of breastfeeding is something to celebrate and be proud of - I hate the idea of mums feeling ashamed or uncomfortable about breastfeeding - but unfortunately it’s a reality for some of us and that NEEDS TO CHANGE!"

Mother of two

After 3 years of breastfeeding, Ophi started her label because she continuously struggled to find breastfeeding clothes that were comfortable, made her feel like Herself and that had an essence of her style and personality! 

With fire in her eyes, a baby on her hip and a toddler attached to her leg, Ophi created OMM Label. Her goal for the brand is to foster some serious confidence in mothers, remind them of their magical power with clothing that is loud, proud and practical! 

OMM stands for Oh My Mama or Oh, my mama or Oh my…mama! You can read it many ways, but at its core, 'Omm' means “Mother” in Arabic.

One of a mother’s greatest strengths? Our love and care, that’s why we strive to make OMM Label an ethical and sustainable clothing brand.

OMM Label is a partner with I=Change, donating $1 from every purchase to charities that help mothers and children around the world.

You choose, We donate.

Giving Back

Throughout all our manufacturing and practices we try to make positive impacts and do our part to better the world for future generations. But YOU have the buying power to lead the change.

Our staples are made with 100% organic fibres and then sent to you in compostable packaging.

For a smaller carbon footprint.


Our Tops